THE BRONX [Hysteria extract]

BIANCA: I read somewhere that growing up you had one of the guys from Los Lobos as your next-door neighbour?

MATT CAUGHTHRAN: Yeah, actually my first girlfriend is the cousin of David Hidalgo. I met David and Vince his son through her and we became best friends growing up and we still are ‘til this day. It was weird, you always kind of look back at key moments in your life that changed the course of your existence and meeting those two guys was definitely a pivotal moment for me. It definitely set me on the path to being a musician.

Notes: I’m a long time Bronx fan. From the first note of the Bronx I I’ve been hooked. I also adore drummer Jorma’s ex-band Death On Wednesday. Frontman Matt Caughthran is one of my favourite people ever—I have so much time for that guy—he’s got such a big heart, is super thoughtful and our conversations are always interesting and meaningful. For the Hysteria feature we chatted one afternoon/evening recently after he had been in the studio working on new Bronx and El Bronx records. The interview has a little insight into that. We also chat about the Bronx’s feeling of ‘liberation’—now free to release their records independently once more; Australia and songwriting & lyrics.

The Bronx will be in the country shortly playing at the Melbourne Arts Festival (October 23, Forum, Beck’s Festival Bar) as El Bronx. They return in March 2010 for the Soundwave festival. I can’t wait! Primus, Queens of the Stoneage, Social D etc…

There’s also an in-depth conversation with Matt in an upcoming issue of the Conversations With Punx limited edition zine series.

If you like what you read, pick up a copy of Hysteria…