Since childhood I have been obsessed with magazines. I enjoy the content, look, feel, and smell of the paper—I care about gsm & typography! (lol) I justify a $20+ magazine purchase as ‘research’ and I make special trips into the city just to browse Borders’ international magazine imports and day dream of having subscriptions to all my favourites: Vogue, Juxtapoz, Dazed & Confused, Marie Clare, Tattoo Life, Self, Monster Children + more. Notice there’s no music magazines on the list? The reason: honestly, I dislike most music journalism (more on that in coming posts).

For my own music writing work I prefer to draw inspiration from somewhere like Vogue than Rolling Stone, NME and the like. The way a writer from Vogue describes a couture garment is much more honest, interesting and informative than most reviews and features I read in music mags. I feel that I am getting a truer representation of what it is beyond somebody’s personal opinion—apart from a select few whose opinions I have come to value and trust (over years of following their extensive and informed body of work). To me, most music writing (that I’ve found) has no depth or soul.

Now, the one thing I love more than flipping through a publication is cutting it to pieces to make something else—hence my love of cut n paste zines perhaps! I especially enjoy taking things out of context and giving them a new significance (I’m a big fan of Exene from X’s collage art and Jhonny Hobo’s photomontages). I’ve been working on a couple of pieces I will post once finished.

For the past few months I have started to keep an Inspiration Notebook where I make collages in a sketchbook of things that I find inspiring. I’m a huge fan of Nubby Twiglet’s Fashion Notebook (so far spanning 10 years) and Decor Notebook collection. Besides the biggest reason—it’s fun and makes me feel incredibly joyful all that cutting, pasting, organsing and dreaming—it also comes in handy when I’m needing inspiration for photo shoots, planning my wardrobe, art works or my work in general. It saves a lot of time and effort having material that I adore to readily reference. It also functions as somewhat of a mood board.

I’ve also found it interesting to see what kinds of images/objects I am drawn to, there’s definitely reoccurring themes. I adore the exotic, the decadent, the simple, the ancient, the futuristic, the astral, the cute, the embellished, the nerdy, celebrating and embracing ethnicity, bright colours, retro paintings, things that sparkle, pop art…. and pugs! Here’s a little sample of what’s been moving me of late.

What’s inspiring you currently?