It’s been a little quiter around here than I had planned. Sorry guys! My project Conversations With Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue has a home of it’s own now: Please bookmark & share it. A date has also been set for the projects release, finally!

Over at I have started a 60-day punk rock countdown ‘til the release/launch of the project in zine form (a limited edition 12 issue zine series) on September 2 at Bleeding Heart Gallery—Brisbane, Australia. Each day it’s updated with details of one of the conversations.

So far, find insight into conversations with Don Letts, Greg Graffin, Ben Weasel, Ray Cappo, Matt Caughthran and Lou Koller. As the countdown unfolds you’ll get a bigger picture of what this project is all about. The first zine of twelve in the series will have a hand-screenprinted cover and be hand-bound. You will be able to pre-order it shortly.

You will also find a Punk Rock Motivatonal Song post at the blog. The playlist for P.M.A. so far = Circle Jerks – Wonderful (live 1985), Suicidal Tendencies – I Want More (live Amsterdam 2009), the Bouncing Souls – Sing Along Forever, 7 Seconds – Kids Are United / Walk Together, Rock Together / 99 Red Balloons (5/09/10 Las Vegas) and more…

There’s also quotes posted on ‘spirituality’ collected from my 15-year writing career—Glenn Danzig, Marky Ramone, Jesse Michaels, John Joseph… etc

The September 2 launch is part of a triple zine launch and 3-day exhibition—September 1, 2 & 3. It is presented by the Paper Cuts Collective (a zine collective) that I introduced a couple of posts back.

Please bookmark us and join our Facebook group to get all the latest news/updates regarding the launch and other upcoming collaborative initiatives.

I feel so much better now that Conversations With Punx has a home of its own. I will be able to give more focus. I do so many things that it all gets blurred sometimes—hopefully things will become a little clearer around here over the coming weeks as to where this is headed. Thanks for bearing with me through the growth and staying interested. There’s lots of exciting things in the works.

with love,