Dearest Friends!

It’s been a long while between posts… my apologies! A lot has happened since I last wrote; there have been an interesting chain of events unfold in my life. I’ll give you the lowdown over a series of posts starting with this one.

CONVERSATIONS WITH BIANCA is also now a print zine! Last Thursday I decided to create a new zine. I finished the zine in 3 days. It features some of my favourite pieces from this blog, interviews with HOBO OBITUARIES, FELINEDOWN, ANT AGGS, SHMOE, OPEARATOR PLEASE, tattooist and artist MILLY LOVEKNUCKLES of ROCK OF AGES TATTOO, zine maker STAPLES and the wonderful art of JHONNY HOBO. It’s 50+ pages of cut ‘n’ paste goodness. I believe in everything and everyone in the zine times a million and one percent! Their awesomeness actually inspired me to make the print zine… when someone goes to the trouble of making a print zine they obviously feel very passionate about what they’re sharing so it could be definitely worthwhile.

The zine also comes with a sampler CD featuring some of my favourite music: Hobo Obituaries, Ant Aggs, Los Angels (a musical project of mine), Jhonny Hobo, the Death Set, Ultra Egos, the Mad Occupants, Smitten Kitten, Shmoe vs. Hobos & more. Plus it features the audio trailer for my book Conversations With Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue.

The zine plus sampler is FREE—if I’m mailing it to you postage would be super appreciated and a big help to me though :) I’ll be doing the first mail out at the beginning of next week.

If you would like one leave a comment or get in touch with you details.

It feels good to be making zines again!