Pharrell by Guerillalove

“I’ve come to believe that nothing’s impossible if you can imagine it. There’s nothing new under the sun. When you’re moved, you’re moved, and you should seize the moment to express the feeling. It’s that moment of expression that I define as art.” ~Pharrell.

One of my fav hip hoppers and creators Skateboard P a.k.a Pharrell Williams has been flexing his creative muscles in the art world of late designing a line of chairs and candles. He has also launched an online art community ARTST Guild & Gallery. It’s billed as a “community where artists meet share work and collaborate”. I urge all of my camera wielding, music making, sculpting, writing, brush and pencil pushing, creative friends to check it out!

Artwork by Sanjai Bhana (a featured artist on ASTRT). Sanjai also has a blog crammed full of illustrative goodness. I especially like his Joey Ramone piece and Mr T tee.

For more info on ARTST Guild & Gallery check out an interview with Pharrell here.

Pharrell also recently spent some time at (one of my favourite photographers) David LaChapelle’s working on a collaboration. LaChapelle’s work is a kaleidescope of pop culture and art his images have featured some of my favourite artists: Debbie Harry, Courtney Love, Andre 3000 & Kelis (all Egyptian stylee), Chris Rock (contains nudity), Kanye West (as Jesus), Bjork, Gwen Stefani and (a naked) Moby (vs. robot)!

Thought for the day: Art is limitless (my Jhonny and his art remind me of this fact every single day).

Hope you all have a productive, creative day!