Art by Anenea Studio

?uestlove on getting his inspiration on:

Sometimes I’ll just stare at the wall! If my awards or gold plaques intimidate me I’ll just turn them around and look elsewhere [laughs]. Most of the time I’ll just sit and listen to music—my studio and record library are connected to each other—I’ll just listen to records and something may hit me then. I don’t force it. If it doesn’t come I just say, ‘Let’s go bowling!’ Then we go bowling and at the end of the night I may have something and I’ll run back to the studio. I don’t believe in creating any type of music under duress. It has to come from in here [taps chest]. Me and my manager always beg to differ, I say, ‘Well I don’t have to do this you know.’ They look at my bills and they’re like, ‘Yeah you do, yeah mother f*cker you have to do this!’ [laughs].

Thought for the day: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~Lao Tzu

PS- ?uestlove extract from my next book project in process… details soon!