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ALL GRRRL ASSAULT: Women In Punk & Hardcore Zine – Issue One

I LOVE this zine! It’s a VERY IMPORTANT zine. This first issue is “dedicated to every grrrl who has ever felt not good enough thanks to fucked up standards set by the media and enforced […]

Mar, 16

Read More Zines: Twin Peaks, Blackout Poetry Jurassic Park style & Growing Up Queer in Punk

It’s time for the second instalment of READ MORE ZINES – a round up of all the neat zines I’ve found lately. As always, if you know of any rad zines or if you […]

Jun, 09

Conversations With Punx #8 ‘Peace’

Conversations With Punx #8 ‘Peace’ is finally complete after what seems like forever! This issue features conversations on spirituality and creativity with John Feldmann, Lora Logic, Daniel Dart, Dwid Hellion and Lou Koller. This issue […]

Sep, 24

Conversations with Punx zine #5/12 ‘Creativity’

Another beautiful day outside, another zine complete! Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue limited edition zine #5/12 ‘Creativity’ is done. This issue is really special to me. The conversations in this zine are by far […]

May, 23

Conversations with Punx Zine #4/12 ‘P.M.A.’

I just got back from the copy shop with Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue limited edition zine #4/12 ‘P.M.A.’ (Positive Mental Attitude) in hand. This time around, after starring at a wall of coloured […]

May, 06

Conversations With Punx Zine #2/12 ‘Courage’

Dear Friends, I hope you all have been well! Just in time for the holidays, CWP Zine #2/12 [Courage] is now available!!  Cover art (design, handpainted screen + screenprinted) by Jhonny.  The featured conversations on punk, spirituality & […]

Dec, 08


Way back in 2001 I wrote a feature for an Australian girls magazine on how to make a zine. Recently I’ve been going back through my archives of work and I came across the article […]

Oct, 05


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