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Blister Reunite For First Show In 20 Years!

Australian ‘90s punk band, Blister, mean the world to me! I love a lot of bands but, these guys will always have a very special place in my heart—I spent my teenage years going to […]

Jan, 04

Artist Benjamin Paskins: “how to claw your way back up after falling to the bottom”

Benjamin Paskins is one of my favourite Creatives I’ve met in the past year or so. He’s an artist based on the Sunshine Coast who makes zines, plays music and co-owns an indie record/vintage store […]

May, 02

10 Tote Bags For Record Shopping In Style

I love going record shopping, especially with my dude. It’s so much fun digging through the crates looking for treasure whether it be at a record fair, the weekend markets, car boot sales, in a […]

Dec, 08

Riot Act Media’s Nathan Walker on Record Collecting: “It’s a mix of excitement and fear…”

Nathan Walker is the Senior Publicist/Partner at Riot Act Media. He is by far one of my all-time favourite PR folks I’ve ever dealt with doing what I do—he’s helped hook up my chats with Street Eaters […]

Oct, 05

Link Love: Patti Smith Inspired Jewellery, Inside Horiyoshi III’s Tattoo Studio, Viva La Frida + more

Recently in my hometown Brisbane to coincide with International Womens Day, there was an AMAZING art exhibition called Viva La Frida celebrating one of my favourite artists Frida Kahlo. The exhibition featured 28 artists working […]

Mar, 23

The Week In Pictures: 08.24.2011

This Week: Organising the office, rescuing my wardrobe from its self-implosion, listening to lots of vinyl, visits from my big sister, reading, reading & more reading, a flurry of cut n paste activity, new vibrant […]

Aug, 31


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