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Mark Unseen chats the Paranormal, Ouija & Freaky Things.

I’ve known Mark Unseen for over a decade, I first interviewed him for an old zine I used to do and we’ve keep in touch ever since. He’s yelled, and still yells, for punk bands […]

Aug, 13

Electro-Punk Duo Kap Bambino’s Caroline Martial: “L7…jumped naked into the crowd, and fought people with French baguette bread.”

Punk ferocity, bloodied knees, ripped stockings, smeared lipstick, frenetic energy, hard driving synths, a devil-may-care attitude, and a DIY ethos—are the hallmarks that make this French duo, Kap Bambino so great! Once described as having […]

May, 13

From Europe With Love, Nightmare Air xo

Los Angeles rockers Nightmare Air have been on the road for the past three and a half months taking in the sites and venues of Europe/UK, making new friends, winning new fans and having a […]

Oct, 26


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