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Toe To Toe frontman Scott Mac: “People want a bit more substance again…”

Scott Mac from Australian hardcore band, Toe To Toe, was the second person I ever interviewed for my first zine over 20 years ago. His band was the first Aussie hardcore band I had ever […]

Jun, 06

The Adolescents’ Steve Soto on: La Vendetta, Records, Sobriety, Songwriting & Family.

I grew up on a lot of Southern Californian punk, bands like the Adolescents’ music helped me through the shitty high school years and have continued to be a faithful never fail go-to to cheer […]

Jun, 25

Chuck Dukowski: “It’s super important to try and get on a better more productive path with humanity…”

I spoke to Chuck a few months back for my Conversations with Punx project. For my reader’s that may not be familiar with Chuck, he was a founding member and bassist for one of the […]

Dec, 06

Hello Rolling Stone & Collapse Board, Goodbye Hysteria!

It’s been quite a while since I last updated with any regularity, I am working to change this. In my absence from blogging I’ve been writing for various publications, below are excerpts of select freelance […]

May, 02


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