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Kid Congo Powers: “As long as you’re engaged and excited I think there’s always hope for you.”

I adore Kid Congo Powers! He’s been a Cramp, Gun Clubber and a Bad Seed, and right now he’s still making exciting, unique and super fun music with the Pink Monkey Birds. Ahead of his […]

Mar, 22

10 Tote Bags For Record Shopping In Style

I love going record shopping, especially with my dude. It’s so much fun digging through the crates looking for treasure whether it be at a record fair, the weekend markets, car boot sales, in a […]

Dec, 08

Sean Yseult: Art, Vision & Rock n Roll

Sean Yseult was the very first female musician I ever met. It was a huge deal for me. We first met when I was around 15 years-old – I cut school to go meet White […]

Oct, 17

Carolina Echeverri: Creating, Botero & Running Away to Join The Danish Circus

I’m a huge fan of Carolina Echeverri’s art and of the inspiring lady herself – she’s one of the coolest people I’ve never met (in person, yet!). US art magazine Juxtapoz is also a big […]

Oct, 10


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