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Dan Trolley on his lo-fi debut Hours Electric: “The first person I gave a copy to was Ariel Pink…”

I love lo-fi music. I especially love when it’s one person making it entirely by themselves like Melbourne musician Dan Trolley does. I only recently discovered his noisy garage-y synth-punk record, Hours Electric—it’s been on […]

Jan, 28

Chuck Dukowski: “It’s super important to try and get on a better more productive path with humanity…”

I spoke to Chuck a few months back for my Conversations with Punx project. For my reader’s that may not be familiar with Chuck, he was a founding member and bassist for one of the […]

Dec, 06

NY Record Producer Don Fury: “I still have an ethic that reminds me of the streets of New York, back in the day…We will always make true records with lots of heart and energy.”

Don Fury is someone that deserves to be celebrated! He has played an incredibly important role in helping shape hardcore punk music through his work as a record producer over the last 20+ years. As […]

Sep, 21

Singer-songwriter Belle Phoenix: “I left Australia to find my musical soul group…to get away from all the finger pointing and analysing…”

Belle Phoenix is a self-described musical outlaw that’s travelled the globe living and performing in all kinds of places: UK, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, Thailand, US and more. From beginnings as a teen living in […]

Aug, 06

Dear Bianca… Correspondence From: Pro Skater & Artist Ed Templeton

I love getting mail. I love to write letters. I love receiving thoughtful, handwritten letters especially! I have an exquisite royal blue writing quill and ink pot gifted to me, that I write my correspondence […]

Feb, 16

The Legend!, Everett True & Jerry Thackray: The Musician, Writer & Man

To me, Everett True has had quite an exciting life! When I first met Everett three years or so ago he told me that he was a really boring person. I beg to differ. I […]

Nov, 08


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