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L.A. hardcore band Countime’s frontman Junior: “You don’t have to be a product of your environment if you don’t want to…”

On the first day I was in Los Angeles on my last trip to Califas I pretty much got off the plane, headed to where I was staying, then Junior swung by, picked me up […]

Sep, 02

Keith Levene: “Now is the fucking time for punk rock!”

Keith Levene is one of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure to chat with, he’s experienced a lot, created a lot and still is. I love people that are constantly moving forward and […]

Jun, 10

Singer-songwriter Belle Phoenix: “I left Australia to find my musical soul group…to get away from all the finger pointing and analysing…”

Belle Phoenix is a self-described musical outlaw that’s travelled the globe living and performing in all kinds of places: UK, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, Thailand, US and more. From beginnings as a teen living in […]

Aug, 06

Barb Wire Dolls’ Isis Queen: Blondie, Respect & Punklove

Barb Wire Dolls sold practically everything they owned and moved from living in an artist commune on the Greek Island of Crete to pursue their punk rock n roll dreams in Los Angeles. Frontwoman Isis […]

Oct, 25


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