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Morbski: Hip Hop Inspiring Betterment

Today’s Insight: Hip hop is a quest to me. Hip hop has always been a source of betterment for me, if that makes any sense? I’ve had a lot of hard times in this life, […]

Nov, 08

York Siddhartha: Gratitude, Service & Success

Today’s Insight: Mexico is a very beautiful country full of traditions, gastronomy and enormous cultural diversity… without a doubt is a beautiful place to visit and learn. When I was a teenager hip hop began […]

Oct, 11

Son of Saturn: Finding Positivity in Times of Adversity

Hip Hop Insight: The volatility of the world has nothing to do with my personal positivity. I read somewhere once that inner peace means being like the still waters at deep sea. No matter how […]

Oct, 04


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