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Talking Punk Records with Night Birds’ Brian Gorsegner!

Thanks to my friend Monty from DFL I found out about the awesome band, Night Birds! They play super cool surf punk with a kinda ‘80s hardcore punk spirit AND Night Birds’ vocalist, Brian Gorsegner, […]

Jun, 05

10 Tote Bags For Record Shopping In Style

I love going record shopping, especially with my dude. It’s so much fun digging through the crates looking for treasure whether it be at a record fair, the weekend markets, car boot sales, in a […]

Dec, 08

Riot Act Media’s Nathan Walker on Record Collecting: “It’s a mix of excitement and fear…”

Nathan Walker is the Senior Publicist/Partner at Riot Act Media. He is by far one of my all-time favourite PR folks I’ve ever dealt with doing what I do—he’s helped hook up my chats with Street Eaters […]

Oct, 05


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