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Empat Lima: “Dreamy pop, avant-post punk & some other made up genres.”

Empat Lima are one of those extraordinary bands that pull from many inspirations – garage sounds of the ‘60’s Asian/Western explosion, psychedelic Thai, traditional Japanese epics and dreamy Indonesian pop – to create their own […]

Feb, 04

Terrible Truths: “We’re passionate about equality, between genders, different sexualities, all people.”

I adore this band! Dual vocals with unique interplay, bouncy bass grooves, reverb drenched guitar and syncopated drumbeats that make you want to move and smile, make Terrible Truths a band that can give you relief […]

Feb, 04

National Airlines’ frontwoman Dallas Rayner: “I’m not sure how much the public realise young bands work for free.”

I first came across Melbourne band National Airlines when I found a clip on YouTube of them doing a live cover of Lene Lovich’s Lucky Number. I was stoked that an Australian bands was covering […]

Aug, 16


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