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Heather Gabel on Hide’s Castration Anxiety

Chicago-based industrial duo, Hide, are set to release their debut LP Castration Anxiety on Dais Records on March 23. Hide’s Heather Gabel and Seth Sher’s live performances are provocative, with a hypnotic low-end and mantra […]

Feb, 07

Max Cavalera on: New Music, A Return To Roots & Having A True Metal Family

When the announcement for Max & Iggor Cavalera’s Return To Roots Australian Tour showed up in my email inbox I had a little squeal of delight. In my collection I have multiple copies of Sepultura’s […]

Aug, 17

Good Riddance’s Russ Rankin on “becoming less self-centred and more other-centred”.

I first met Russ Rankin, frontman for punk band, Good Riddance, when they toured Australia in the ‘90s supporting Sick Of It All. We chatted for one of the earliest zines I ever made (and […]

Jun, 12

Dream-Psych Pop Lovelies Tele Novella: Fresh Starts, Surrealism & Songs Where Bad Guys Finish Last.

Looking for something new to listen to? Why not try Austin band, Tele Novella—“a fresh strain of sugar-crash dream-psych popsicle punch”! I’ve been a big fan of vocalist-guitarist, Natalie Gordon’s music since I first found […]

Jun, 11

Press: A Conversation With Bianca

Recently I was cleaning up my desktop and came across this interview I did for an independent publication from my hometown, QPunx magazine. I’m not sure if it ever ended up being printed? I’m not […]

Feb, 15

Choice. Use it!

Photos by Michelle Aziz The Force has a ‘dark side’, which feeds off emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, and hate, whereas the ‘light side’ Jedi use the Force only for peaceful purposes. Do you […]

Jan, 19

RITUALS: Morning Pages

Photo by Sarah McD ॐ RITUALS I use the word ‘ritual’ when talking about the things I do (at least I try to do) every single day—practices or exercises that I have found on my […]

Jan, 03


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