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L7’s Donita Sparks: “A woman is fierce when she is brave—brave to be herself, brave to not be a conformist, brave to speak out…”

I’ve loved Los Angeles band, L7, since I was a teen! One of the first songs I learnt on the guitar was one of theirs ‘Pretend That We’re Dead’ from 1992 release, Bricks Are Heavy. […]

Aug, 03

Electro-Punk Duo Kap Bambino’s Caroline Martial: “L7…jumped naked into the crowd, and fought people with French baguette bread.”

Punk ferocity, bloodied knees, ripped stockings, smeared lipstick, frenetic energy, hard driving synths, a devil-may-care attitude, and a DIY ethos—are the hallmarks that make this French duo, Kap Bambino so great! Once described as having […]

May, 13

Author Jessica Dainese: “There was no book talking about the women in the history of Italian punk or rock music. Like they never existed…I decided to write one.”

Italian writer, author, journalist and zine maker Jessica Dainese got in touch with me recently and we instantly hit it off and have been corresponding ever since. We’ve been bonding over our mutual love of […]

Sep, 19

CSS’ Luiza Sá: Music, Madonna, Photography & Sexism

I love Brazilian rock band CSS so much! From the moment I heard their first album the 2005 released Cansei de Ser Sexy I’ve been totally hooked! They’re currently towards the tail end of a […]

Oct, 24


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