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Monty Messex & Crazy Tom: Proud To Be… DFL Once Again!!!!

I have a lot of favourite punk bands but Los Angeles’ Dead Fucking Last (DFL) is one of my all-time, ALL-TIME favourites! I grew up listening to them in the ‘90s, me and my big […]

Jul, 22

The Adolescents’ Steve Soto on: La Vendetta, Records, Sobriety, Songwriting & Family.

I grew up on a lot of Southern Californian punk, bands like the Adolescents’ music helped me through the shitty high school years and have continued to be a faithful never fail go-to to cheer […]

Jun, 25

Keith Morris: The Creator

One of the first punk rock vocalists I ever heard was Keith Morris. My brother gave me Circle Jerks’ Group Sex on vinyl when I was a teen, it was one of the records that […]

Dec, 08

The Death Set: All Thoughts Forward with Johnny Siera

Readers will know that one of my favourite bands in the whole wide world is The Death Set. I love their energy, positivity, pursuit of fun and desire to keep moving forward no matter what […]

Dec, 07


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