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The Interrupters: “I feel most empowered when I am creating more love, more joy and more peace.”

Los Angeles ska-punk band, The Interrupters’ new record, Say It Out Loud, came out last week on Epitaph Records. I caught up with frontwoman Aimee, and guitarist Kevin Bivona for a chat and to get […]

Jun, 29

Gunk Guitarist & Slubs Zine Creator Alex Campbell: “Zines help us retain some control of the media…”

Gunk are a Riot Grrrl inspired band from Brisbane, Australia. Guitarist/vocalist Alex Campbell also makes Slubberdegullion zine—she’s deeply passionate about both—and a proud feminist not afraid to talk politics. Who or what first inspired you […]

Aug, 20

Punks On Vegetarianism & Veganism: Ian MacKaye, John Joseph, Joan Jett, Mike Ness, Matt Skiba + more!

I’ve been a vegetarian for 12+ years. Since I was young I never really liked eating other animals. For me, it’s something that always felt kind of foreign and awkward to me. When my family […]

Feb, 22

Foxes Cosmetics: Cruelty-Free Makeup Inspired By The Runaways, New York Dolls & Roxy Music

Recently I chatted to Los Angeles punk band Barb Wire Dolls’ kick ass frontwoman Isis Queen who also happens to be the face of Foxes Cosmetics created by makeup artist Tina De La Celle. Tina […]

Nov, 17

CSS’ Luiza Sá: Music, Madonna, Photography & Sexism

I love Brazilian rock band CSS so much! From the moment I heard their first album the 2005 released Cansei de Ser Sexy I’ve been totally hooked! They’re currently towards the tail end of a […]

Oct, 24

Sean Yseult: Art, Vision & Rock n Roll

Sean Yseult was the very first female musician I ever met. It was a huge deal for me. We first met when I was around 15 years-old – I cut school to go meet White […]

Oct, 17

Felinedown’s Brodie-Ann Wright: Cons, Burlesque & Dancing in the Kitchen

Brodie-Ann Wright frontwoman for Brisbane-based band Felinedown is without a doubt a rock goddess personified. Whether performing burlesque or rocking festival crowds with her band she’s got the moves (not to mention an amazing wardrobe!).   What do you […]

Sep, 30


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