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Songs That Make Me Smile: A Playlist To Incite Happiness

What is one to do when feeling (like I have of late) a great big case of the sads? Why, make a mix of songs I LOVE to cheer myself up and sharing it with […]

Jan, 10

Author Jessica Dainese: “There was no book talking about the women in the history of Italian punk or rock music. Like they never existed…I decided to write one.”

Italian writer, author, journalist and zine maker Jessica Dainese got in touch with me recently and we instantly hit it off and have been corresponding ever since. We’ve been bonding over our mutual love of […]

Sep, 19

Le Butcherettes’ Teri Gender Bender: Humble Beginnings, Supporting Iggy Pop & Finding The Self

I’ve listened to Le Butcherettes practically every single day since I first discovered them last year. There are not many bands that have made my daily playlists, especially so quickly. I get the same feeling […]

Jan, 24

CSS’ Luiza Sá: Music, Madonna, Photography & Sexism

I love Brazilian rock band CSS so much! From the moment I heard their first album the 2005 released Cansei de Ser Sexy I’ve been totally hooked! They’re currently towards the tail end of a […]

Oct, 24

The Week In Pictures: 08.24.2011

This Week: Organising the office, rescuing my wardrobe from its self-implosion, listening to lots of vinyl, visits from my big sister, reading, reading & more reading, a flurry of cut n paste activity, new vibrant […]

Aug, 31

Collapse Board is Where It’s At!

It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been having a lot of in-depth chats with creative people for Collapse Board. Each person and conversation has been totally inspiring. The individuals I have chatted […]

Jul, 10


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