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L.A. hardcore band Countime’s frontman Junior: “You don’t have to be a product of your environment if you don’t want to…”

On the first day I was in Los Angeles on my last trip to Califas I pretty much got off the plane, headed to where I was staying, then Junior swung by, picked me up […]

Sep, 02

NY Record Producer Don Fury: “I still have an ethic that reminds me of the streets of New York, back in the day…We will always make true records with lots of heart and energy.”

Don Fury is someone that deserves to be celebrated! He has played an incredibly important role in helping shape hardcore punk music through his work as a record producer over the last 20+ years. As […]

Sep, 21


Art by Amerikan Blackheart I’m tired of being blown, I need some time alone – Hobo Obituaries – Sad Trumpet “I restore myself when I’m alone.” ~Marilyn Monroe Time alone allows me to recharge my […]

Jan, 06


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