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Fur: Find What You Like And Let It Kill You

Out of all of the bands that I love, Fur is one of my all-time, all-time favourites. They are such an important band for me. As a teen growing up in Brisbane in the ‘90s, […]

Mar, 16

Cakes: “The music we write lets us escape from the real world…”

Cakes are one of my favourite bands from my city (Gold Coast) they’re a post-punk noisecore math-rock-ish duo with major riffage—or simply two blokes (Sam & Jake), three amps, one kit! Their first EP Prescription […]

Feb, 06

Albion Gold’s Laura Mardon: “DIY ’til I Die!”

I think it’s safe to say that you’re a highly creative person; you’re an illustrator, photographer and make music both solo and in band, Albion Gold. What motivates you to do all that you do? […]

Jan, 11

Ambient-Instrumental Duo the sea shall not have them: “the best example of a DIY band at the moment is No Anchor.”

Delicate, powerful, moving, captivating, post-apocalyptic, lush, cinematic and “a breath of fresh air” are all words that have been used to describe epic Gold Coast instrumental duo, the sea shall not have them. Comprised of […]

Dec, 01

Kill The Apprentice’s Kristy Wiese: Punx n Pinups, Brody Dalle & High Heels

Kristy Wiese is the fierce frontwoman for Gold Coast, Australia punk band Kill The Apprentice. She’s also the owner and operator of punk rock clothing store Punx n Pinups. For Kristy, it’s all about simply […]

Oct, 07

Gold Coast Band Video-Mix-Tape #1

I’ve spent a lot of my life on the Gold Coast in fact many of my favourite Australian bands/artists ever are from here! One of the first local bands I ever loved Fur were from […]

Sep, 02


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