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Artist Adan Hernandez: “The oppression that we have experienced, we have turned into beauty. Chicano art is revolutionary art in America”

Chicano Artist Adan Hernandez has a dream, he wants to make life better for as many people as possible that need help, starting in his own barrio. He dreams of bringing prosperity to his community […]

May, 31

Read More Zines: Rock N Roll Drag Queens, Dad Tweets & Being A 90s Teen.

I’ve been an avid zine maker and collector for almost two decades. I love that zines can be about anything the creator wants. I have so many diverse zines in my collection (in the 1000s […]

Dec, 06

I LOVE Rookie!

I LOVE Rookie! I wish something like it existed when I was a teen. I’m certain it would have helped me to feel not so alone while facing the challenges and growth of my teen […]

Dec, 13

Brisbane-based Artist Sarah Hickey: “I always searched for a reason to create – I now know for me it’s based in spirituality…”

I am in awe of local artist Sarah Hickey’s mixed-media creations that combine beauty, spiritual iconography and the feminine, in complex layers ablaze with vivid colours, patterns and images. Over the past four years, Sarah […]

Sep, 03

Link Love: Patti Smith Inspired Jewellery, Inside Horiyoshi III’s Tattoo Studio, Viva La Frida + more

Recently in my hometown Brisbane to coincide with International Womens Day, there was an AMAZING art exhibition called Viva La Frida celebrating one of my favourite artists Frida Kahlo. The exhibition featured 28 artists working […]

Mar, 23

Little Extras That Say A Lot

I come across a lot of awesome stuff in my travels, on my daily adventures, that my beautiful friends send me and online that I’ve decided to include this ‘Little Extras That Say A Lot’ […]

Oct, 01

Link Love: 09.15.2011

As the name suggests Women In L.A. Punk is a collection of interviews with ladies active in the Los Angeles punk scene before 1980. Questions asked include: What was the role of women in the […]

Sep, 15


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