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Audrey Kitching’s LUNA: “a clothing line that spreads self-love, creativity…”

“Life Artist” Audrey Kitching’s work – she’s a designer, stylist, model, fashion journalist, blogger, business woman + the Style Editor at Buzznet – encourages and promotes positivity, conscious living and living the life of your […]

Feb, 28

Australian Zine Maker of the Year + Best Zine Produced in Australia

On the weekend as part of Australia’s leading independent arts festival This Is Not Art – which “is a supercharged convergence of writers, performers, thinkers, independent and industry musicians, creative researchers, electronic artists, dilettantes, and […]

Oct, 03

Conversations With Bianca [print zine]

A little while back I posted about a new print zine I’ve made to compliment this blog The first print run is now gone… thank you to all those that requested one, I am […]

Aug, 17

Choosing An Adventure…

Art by Jhonny Hobo I’ve noticed there’s been a lot more activity around here with lots of new people checking out thanks for finding me & welcome! If you’re not sure where to start […]

Jul, 17

Wass Sappening! :)

It’s been a little quiter around here than I had planned. Sorry guys! My project Conversations With Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue has a home of it’s own now: Please bookmark & share it. A […]

Jul, 06

Conversations With Bianca [zine]

Dearest Friends! It’s been a long while between posts… my apologies! A lot has happened since I last wrote; there have been an interesting chain of events unfold in my life. I’ll give you the […]

Jun, 14


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