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A Q&A with noon:30 – Can Music Be Revolutionary? “F*ck. Yes.”

I first discovered the amazing Brooklyn/D.C. band noon:30 – Blue (vocals + bass) and Aissa (noise + guitar) – when music critic and tastemaker Everett True wrote about them on Collapse Board. He praised the […]

Feb, 27

Galapogos Frontman Dan Newton’s Mission: “treating the audience as human beings, not as consumers…Triple J and music industry assholes have forgotten how to do that.”

I’ve been corresponding with Dan Newton – frontman of Brisbane band Galapogos and editor-in-chief of Heavy and Weird blog – for a month or so now. The dialogue has been refreshing and engaging. In this […]

Feb, 05

Kathleen Hanna: Love, Lyrics & Babes In Toyland

I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Hanna!! She was so honest, candid and all-round lovely. I’ve been waiting to speak with her for over a decade! Here’s a little of the chat: […]

Feb, 12

Kate Nash: Feminism, Sexism In The Music Industry & Empowering Young Women

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to UK musician Kate Nash. We spoke about music, feminism, sexism, online criticism, empowering young women, zines, her Rock N Roll For Girls After School Club, Brazil, Dubai […]

Jan, 16

Andrew McMillen on Freelance Journalism In Australia, Writing & Interviewing

To me Australian journalist Andrew McMillen is without a doubt a success. His work has been published in/for Rolling Stone Australia, The Weekend Australian, QWeekend, Mess + Noise, The Vine, Triple J Mag, The Courier-Mail, […]

Oct, 24

Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy – The Collapse Board Interview

I love Giant Drag and musician Annie Hardy! There’s such an honesty and vulnerability in her songs which makes them so poetic and beautiful. I recently caught up with her to chat about her latest […]

Oct, 21

Link Love 10.12.2011

I am so excited that Major Lazer is working on a track with No Doubt for their new album! Tim (Armstrong from Rancid)  Timebomb’s Rock n Roll Theatre. Hip hop artist Immortal Technique talks ‘Cohesive […]

Oct, 12


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