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Aaieeeeeee! Bantha Fodder Live!

Along with Blister, Bantha Fodder are one of my all-time favourite Australian bands to this day. Influenced by bands such as the Misfits, Rocket From The Crypt and The Cramps, I lost count of the […]

Mar, 17

Rolling Stone Australia Feature: Screamfeeder’s Kellie Lloyd Strikes Out On Her Own

I used to go see Kellie’s band Screamfeeder play when I was in my teens, along with bands like Powderfinger, Custard and (my favourites) Fur. Kellie was one of the first local female musicians I ever […]

Feb, 01

Brisbane Band Video-Mix-Tape #2

So much awesome music in Brisbane! Here’s Video-Mix-Tape #2 (in case you missed it here’s Brisbane Band Video-Mix-Tape #1 too!). Enjoy!  Each time I put one of these together there’s always so many rad bands I […]

Sep, 09

Brisbane Band Video-Mix-Tape #1

My hometown of Brisbane has some great bands. This video-mix-tape is a selection of some of my current favourites. Many of my readers outside of Brisbane probably haven’t heard of many of them, if any! […]

Aug, 26


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