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Lucy & Gwennie of Dog Party on new record, ‘Til You’re Mine

Californian punk rock duo, Dog Party, rule! I first found their fuzzed out, catchy, melody laden tunes five years ago and just had to find out more about them, so I interviewed them (read it […]

Sep, 01

The Boys: “Girl Power is the essence of girls being equal, independent and taking charge.”

The Boys are an all-female grunge band hailing from Brisbane, Australia. They’re often compared to The Runaways, Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland. Their lives shows are always super fun! What inspired you to start? […]

Nov, 30

Author Jessica Dainese: “There was no book talking about the women in the history of Italian punk or rock music. Like they never existed…I decided to write one.”

Italian writer, author, journalist and zine maker Jessica Dainese got in touch with me recently and we instantly hit it off and have been corresponding ever since. We’ve been bonding over our mutual love of […]

Sep, 19

Artist & Musician Nadia Buyse: “I really felt music saved my life”

Recently I did interview with an inspiring Portland-based lady creator, Nadia Buyse. Nadia kicks ass in bands: Ghost Mom, Tombstalkers/Bloodbraid and most recently the Adrian Piper Cover Band. She works with “images, sounds, puppets, insecurities […]

Mar, 13

Kathleen Hanna: Love, Lyrics & Babes In Toyland

I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Hanna!! She was so honest, candid and all-round lovely. I’ve been waiting to speak with her for over a decade! Here’s a little of the chat: […]

Feb, 12

CSS’ Luiza Sá: Music, Madonna, Photography & Sexism

I love Brazilian rock band CSS so much! From the moment I heard their first album the 2005 released Cansei de Ser Sexy I’ve been totally hooked! They’re currently towards the tail end of a […]

Oct, 24

Link Love: 09.22.2011

For some awesome new music check out Living Too Late: Fast Weapons Radio Sundays from 10:00PM to 12:00AM  (Punk, Post-punk, No-wave, and Noise) … you can also listen to previous shows at any time too. […]

Sep, 22


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