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L7’s Donita Sparks: “A woman is fierce when she is brave—brave to be herself, brave to not be a conformist, brave to speak out…”

I’ve loved Los Angeles band, L7, since I was a teen! One of the first songs I learnt on the guitar was one of theirs ‘Pretend That We’re Dead’ from 1992 release, Bricks Are Heavy. […]

Aug, 03

Ecca Vandal on: Learning From Fugazi, Her Early Life in South Africa & Taking Inspiration From Skateboard Culture.

Ecca Vandal is one of the most exciting new artists I’ve found all year. Making her debut with the infectious jam, White Flag; her music combines elements, and the spirit of punk, hip hop, jazz, […]

Nov, 09

Butt’n Booty: Breakin’ Rules and Makin’ Buttons!

Brittany and Julie make the raddest buttons! I first came across them thanks to an IG post from fellow artist, Carly Correa (thank you!), of the Butt’n Booty trio of Gwen Stefani pins she’d received […]

Sep, 22

10 Tote Bags For Record Shopping In Style

I love going record shopping, especially with my dude. It’s so much fun digging through the crates looking for treasure whether it be at a record fair, the weekend markets, car boot sales, in a […]

Dec, 08

NYC Artist Naomi Yasuda: “I did Madonna’s nails for her Super Bowl performance…”

New York artist, Naomi Yasuda, is constantly pushing the boundaries of nail art, making dreams a reality and exciting the imagination with her striking, intricate creations. Her designs adorn the fingertips of Lady Gaga, Madonna, […]

Sep, 14

Teeth & Tongue’s Jess Cornelius: Drum Machines, Labyrinth & Writing Restaurant Reviews

  I fell in love with Melbourne’s Teeth & Tongue earlier this year when I heard their second record Tambourine. Jess plays guitar, bass, keyboards and rocks a drum machine as well as vocals on […]

Dec, 23

A Love of Magazines II: The Best Covers of 2011

Readers of will know that I love print magazines. A little while ago I posted my favourite magazine covers of 2010. With the year drawing to a close I thought it was time for […]

Dec, 19


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