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Terrible Truths: “We’re passionate about equality, between genders, different sexualities, all people.”

I adore this band! Dual vocals with unique interplay, bouncy bass grooves, reverb drenched guitar and syncopated drumbeats that make you want to move and smile, make Terrible Truths a band that can give you relief […]

Feb, 04

Ali E on Heavy Beach, Damn Terran, Death Of A Scenester Zine & Records

I think Melbourne musician Ali E is AMAZING! She plays in post-punk band Damn Terran, psych-rock band Heavy Beach and does solo work (she reminds me a little of Adalita from Magic Dirt). If all […]

Nov, 08

Brisbane Musician Innez Tulloch: “I make records, record records, collect records.”

I find Innez Tulloch super inspiring. The creative powerhouse plays in four rockin’ bands – Tiny Spiders, Pastel Blaze, Feathers and Roku Music. She also does sound at venues around Brisbane and DJ duties on […]

Aug, 01


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