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Paper Cuts Collective

The Paper Cuts Collective (PCC) was formed in 2010 by Bianca and fellow zine comrades Staples & Matthew Limmer. The PCC are focused on sharing a love of zines with the world—one little folded, stapled/hand bound number at a time. They understand the importance of zines & independent media and are dedicated to keeping the art form alive. The collective came together to help strengthen the local zine community and to provide networking opportunities and events for zine creators and lovers alike. They’ve coordinated zine fairs, zine workshops and various other zine related events.

(left to right) Staples, Bianca, Matthew – photo The Screaming Wall

You can find the PCC blog @: The Paper Cuts Collective

Paper Cuts Collective Events:

Paper Cuts Collective Triple Zine Launch, Bleeding Heart Gallery, 2010

Paper Cuts Collective Zine Fair

Cut Copy Paste Zine Workshop

The Stoke – A History of Brisbane Skateboarding Zine Workshops

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