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Good Riddance’s Russ Rankin on “becoming less self-centred and more other-centred”.

I first met Russ Rankin, frontman for punk band, Good Riddance, when they toured Australia in the ‘90s supporting Sick Of It All. We chatted for one of the earliest zines I ever made (and […]

Keith Levene: “Now is the fucking time for punk rock!”

Keith Levene is one of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure to chat with, he’s experienced a lot, created a lot and still is. I love people that are constantly moving forward and […]

Jun, 10 · in Interviews,Music Chats

Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret: “I feel I speak for those that are oppressed…”

My chat with, Roger Miret, the frotman of one of my all-time favourite hardcore punk bands, Agnostic Front, is one of the ones out of a 100+ interviews, for my Conversations With Punx project (more […]

Jun, 03

Artist Dave Jay: “I took a blowtorch, lit my painting on fire and threw it off a cliff!”

Californian-based artist, Dave Jay, makes “extradimensional Transplutonic paranormal” pieces of art. Over the past year or so we’ve become good friends and in that time I’ve watched his art evolve and take on a life […]

Jun, 02

Artist Adan Hernandez: “The oppression that we have experienced, we have turned into beauty. Chicano art is revolutionary art in America”

Chicano Artist Adan Hernandez has a dream, he wants to make life better for as many people as possible that need help, starting in his own barrio. He dreams of bringing prosperity to his community […]

May, 31

Guy Blakeslee: “Tragic things can be beautiful if we learn from them”

I’m so happy that this interview finally gets to see the light of day. It took place almost a year ago, before that, it was another year again from the time I first contacted Guy […]

May, 27

Artist & Designer Tiff Manuell: “remain experimental, be forever moving… Always have fun”

Tiff Manuell’s creations are absolutely divine. Her wearable art makes me very, very happy! They’re handpainted, handmade one of a kind clutches and accessories that bring much joy to those that rock them… I know […]

May, 25