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Artist & Designer Tiff Manuell: “remain experimental, be forever moving… Always have fun”

Tiff Manuell’s creations are absolutely divine. Her wearable art makes me very, very happy! They’re handpainted, handmade one of a kind clutches and accessories that bring much joy to those that rock them… I know […]

Quicksand’s Tom Capone: “We were always just doing it from our hearts, never trying to make a quick buck.”

Tom Capone is one of my favourite guitarists! He’s played in some of the greatest New York hardcore and post-hardcore bands: Quicksand, Bold, Handsome, Shelter, Beyond… I interviewed him for my punk and spirituality project, […]

ALL GRRRL ASSAULT: Women In Punk & Hardcore Zine – Issue One

I LOVE this zine! It’s a VERY IMPORTANT zine. This first issue is “dedicated to every grrrl who has ever felt not good enough thanks to fucked up standards set by the media and enforced […]

Mar, 16

Hungry Designs Twin Peaks Collection

I’ve loved Twin Peaks since I was eleven, way back in 1990. I used to stay up late at night and watch it with my mum. I’ve always loved a good murder-mystery (maybe it’s the […]

Mar, 15

Samsaya X Bianca Art Collab

A dream came true for me recently when I had the opportunity to work with one of my favourite musicians and pop stars, SAMSAYA! I’d actually secretly been manifesting it since I first met her […]

Mar, 13

Back In the Game!

Hello! How are you all? I’ve missed you. It’s been quite a while since I have regularly updated CWB. Sorry guys. There’s been a few big things that have happened in my world that has […]

Mar, 12

The Courtneys: Your New Favourite Band

Vancouver, Canada slacker pop band, The Courtneys are hitting our shores for their first Australian tour. I love their fuzzy, jangly jams and lyrics about pop culture. The Courtneys are so freakin’ neat, I’m excited […]

Feb, 16