Conversations With Punx


A decade in the making. 100+ conversations with folks from the worldwide punk and hardcore community talking about their experiences with/and thoughts and feelings on ‘spirituality’ and creativity.

Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue includes in-depth conversations with:

Don Letts

(film maker – Punk: Attitude / The Clash – Westway To The World / musician / author)

Ian MacKaye

(Minor Threat / Fugazi / The Evens / Dischord Records)

Keith Morris

(OFF!/ Black Flag / Circle Jerks)

Chuck Dukowski

(CD6/Black Flag/ Würm/SWA/ SST Records)

Ian Vanek


Greg Attonito (The Bouncing Souls)  & Shanti Wintergate (musician / actress)

Henry Rollins

(Black Flag / Rollins Band / author / media personality)

Rob Fusco

(Most Precious Blood / One King Down)

Don Foose

(The Spudmonsters/Lifeline/Run Devil Run)

Mike Park

(Asian Man Records / musician)

Jesse Michaels

(Operation Ivy / Common Rider / Classics of Love)

Wade Youman

(Unwritten Law/tattooist)

Robert Ehrenbrand


Larry Livermore

(Lookout Records / The Potatomen…)

Noah Levine

(author – Dharma Punx / Against the Stream)

John Joseph

(Cro-Mags / Bloodclot / author)

Nick 13

(Tiger Army)

Craig Fairbaugh

(Mercy Killers / The Forgotten / Transplants / +44…)

Vic DiCara

(108 / Shelter / Inside Out… / Vedic Astrologer)

Greg Graffin

(Bad Religion)

Efrem Schulz

(Death By Stereo)

Exene Cervenka

 (X / Original Sinners / Auntie Christ…)

Lou Koller

(Sick Of It All)

Mark Civitarese

(The Unseen / Ashers…)

Lisa Kekaula & Bob Vennum

(The BellRays)

John Porcell

 (Shelter / Youth of Today…)

Ray Cappo

(Shelter / Youth of Today…)

Johnny Siera

(The Deathset)

Frank Portman

(Mr. T Experience / author – King Dork)

Duane Peters (US Bombs / The Hunns…)  & Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy / The Hunns…)

Louis Posen

(Hopeless Records / Sub City)

Jonah Matranga

(New End Original / Onelinedrawing…)

Jason Cruz

(Strung Out / Blackheart & the Pistoleros)

Franklin Rhi

(Shelter / 108 / Crown of Thornz…)

Ben Weasel

(Screeching Weasel / The Riverdales)

Dr Know

(Bad Brains)

Russ Rankin

(Only Crime / Good Riddance)

Matt Caughthran

(The Bronx / Mariachi El Bronx / The Drips)

Brad Warner

(author – Hardcore Zen…)

Daniel Dart

(Time Again)

Dan Jones

(God So Loved The World / Seraph’s Coal…)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

(The Mars Volta / At The Drive-In)



Mike Herrera

(MxPx / Tumbledown)

Greg Boil

(The Boils)

Ari Up

(The Slits…)

Stephen Kasner

(Irons / artist / magician)

Sena Hussain

(Secret Trial Five)

Lord Ezec

(Danny Diablo / Crown of Thornz / Skarhead)

Gary Lachman


More to be announced…

Conversations with Punx is currently being released as a limited edition zine series to be followed by a book at the series conclusion.

Author’s Statement:

I started this book project around 2003 as an attempt to better understand who I am and to uncover the deeper aspects of the punk and hardcore culture. I have gained valuable insights from listening to the stories and journeys of the artists that create it and whose music has greatly influenced and impacted my life. Punk has helped me through tough times, given me direction when I had none, inspired me to want more and to live the very best life that I can. I believe that punk has an energy and consciousness that has the ability to incite positive change in the world.

The project/I won two awards at the 2011 TINA/National Young Writers’ festival: Australian Zine Maker of the Year and Best Zine Produced in Australia.

Short extracts from CWP can be found @: Collapse Board

Conversations with Punx tumblr can be found @: Conversations with Punx

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CWP Press:

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Kind words from kind people about CWP:

“I’m looking forward to reading the finished piece. I’m glad that you are getting so much out of the process.”
~Ian MacKaye

 “Can’t wait to hold a copy of the book in my hands!”
~Vic DiCara

“Can’t wait to see the book, so happy to be a part of it. Go Bianca!”
~Jonah Matranga

“I’m eager to see your hard work.”
~Ray Cappo

“This book is gonna be awesome!”
~Matt Caughthran

“Thanks for asking me to be part of it Bianca. I look forward to reading it.”
~Lou Koller

“I’m looking forward to this book.”
~Franklin Rhi

“I’m excited to see the final product!”

“I’m so excited about this!”
~Efrem Schultz

“I’m psyched to see the finished product.”
~Rob Fusco

“I look forward to reading the book and thank you again for having me be a part of it… it’s such a worthwhile project”
~Robert Ehrenbrand

“I am really happy with our conversation and it is very gratifying to know that it will be out there in the world… you really have a fantastic journalistic style. I think you are on the right path with your book and with your interest in spirituality… keep up your excellent work… I think it’s an important book.”
~Jesse Michaels

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