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Hopeless Lingerie designer Gabrielle Adamidis: “…it is okay to talk about sex.”

Inspired by B-grade horror films, architecture and modern art Australian label, Hopeless Lingerie, charmingly invokes a moody glamour with their lovingly crafted handmade collections. Having recently celebrated Hopeless Lingerie’s 4th birthday and getting set to release […]

Sep, 07

Story of Seven: A Collection of Stunning Handmade Adornments

Handmade with heart, designed with the best of intentions and your wellbeing in mind, Story of Seven creator Amy Phipps, makes beautiful malas to be worn, admired and cherished. Carefully picked semi-precious gemstones and crystals […]

Aug, 31

Amped+Dangerous: An Obsession of Music, Fashion & Culture

I came across Kasturi’s blog Amped+Dangerous a little while back via another one of my favourite blogs chase.dakota. Kasturi’s enthusiasm is infectious—she is genuinely excited about all she shares including fabulous DIY tutorials and fashion […]

Jul, 29

The Fabulous La Carmina: Adventurer, Alt. Style Queen, Coolhunter & Philanthropist

La Carmina is truly an inspiration! A self-made woman named as one of the world’s top fashion bloggers. She’s a best-selling author, designer (collaborating with Swarovski + more), travel and pop culture journalist (AOL/Huffington Post), […]

Jan, 31

Peggy Noland: Passion, Making Films, Jonny Makeup & Reinvention

I’m totally in love with US fashion designer Peggy Noland’s creations. Her wearable art makes the world a much more fun, brighter place! Musicians CSS’ Lovefoxxx, Kianna Alarid from Tilly & the Wall, SSION, Jonny […]

Jan, 18


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