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Artist & Designer Tiff Manuell: “remain experimental, be forever moving… Always have fun”

Tiff Manuell’s creations are absolutely divine. Her wearable art makes me very, very happy! They’re handpainted, handmade one of a kind clutches and accessories that bring much joy to those that rock them… I know […]

May, 25

Designer & Performer Kim Dylla on: Kylla Custom Rock Wear, Vulvatron, GWAR & Sexism

I was super excited when the most excellent, Kim Dylla, was recently announced as one of thrash metal rockers GWAR’s new characters, Vulvatron! Not only does she play the Imperious Empress of the Universe from […]

Oct, 10

NYC artist Indie 184: “It’s not a competition. Dare to be different.”

NYC graffiti artist Indie 184’s creations make the world a brighter place. Her art promotes, encourages and celebrates having the courage to be yourself! Since the first moment I saw her colourful, unique, bold pieces […]

Sep, 23

Audrey Kitching’s LUNA: “a clothing line that spreads self-love, creativity…”

“Life Artist” Audrey Kitching’s work – she’s a designer, stylist, model, fashion journalist, blogger, business woman + the Style Editor at Buzznet – encourages and promotes positivity, conscious living and living the life of your […]

Feb, 28

NYC Designer & Musician Laura Rebel Angel: “Believe in yourself first and foremost and stay positive.”

Laura Rebel Angel is an amazing and inspiring woman. She’s a self-made lady that radiates confidence, positivity, strength and an admirable ‘can do’ hard work ethic endearing her to all that comes into her orbit. […]

Oct, 25

Velvet Pins’ Catherine Maddin: “The idea of ‘perfect fashion’ is irritating and soulless.”

I LOVE Brisbane-based label, Velvet Pins, a beautiful creative partnership between friends Amy Wardrop and Catherine Maddin. Around a year ago I first interviewed Catherine (Catherine Maddin: Dreamtime, Psychedelia & Velvet Pins) and since we […]

Oct, 12

NYC Artist Naomi Yasuda: “I did Madonna’s nails for her Super Bowl performance…”

New York artist, Naomi Yasuda, is constantly pushing the boundaries of nail art, making dreams a reality and exciting the imagination with her striking, intricate creations. Her designs adorn the fingertips of Lady Gaga, Madonna, […]

Sep, 14


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