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Samsaya X Bianca Art Collab

A dream came true for me recently when I had the opportunity to work with one of my favourite musicians and pop stars, SAMSAYA! I’d actually secretly been manifesting it since I first met her […]

Mar, 13

Samsaya: “If just one person can come see my show…& feel empowered to handle their day a bit better, that means everything to me.”

Talking to Samsaya made me really happy. She’s super genuine and down-to-earth, which I find to be a refreshing thing in the realm of pop. Her perspective on how she looks at the world is […]

Jul, 09

The Amazing Suzy X: “I want my audience to deal with my anger, my discomfort and my insecurity.”

Suzy X is the frontwoman for kick ass Brooklyn-based punk rock witchcore band, Shady Hawkins (they recently released a cassette on Sister Polygon/Dischord Records). She’s also a fellow Rookie, illustrator, zine maker, blogger, Bitch Media […]

Dec, 16

Filmme Fatales Zine’s Brodie Lancaster: Fee£ings, Public Speaking & Kanye West

Brodie Lancaster is the creator and editor of, Filmme Fatales, a zine on women and cinema. She’s also a fellow staff writer for Rookie magazine, contributes to various print and online publications, and is ½ […]

Nov, 04

I’ve Missed Y’all

As winter is drawing to a close in the southern hemisphere (where I’m at) and the weather is warming up as we get ready to embrace spring, I am filled with so much joy. I […]

Aug, 28

Artist Minna Gilligan’s Bright, Beautiful, Psychedelic Universe

Happy New Year friends! I hope it’s gotten off to a great start for y’all.’s first interview feature for 2013 is with Melbourne-based artist Minna Gilligan (last year we kicked things off chatting with […]

Jan, 07

I LOVE Rookie!

I LOVE Rookie! I wish something like it existed when I was a teen. I’m certain it would have helped me to feel not so alone while facing the challenges and growth of my teen […]

Dec, 13


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