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Courtney Love On Love: “the more you love yourself the more you can be loved.”

I’ve always been a huge fan of musician, artist and actress, Courtney Love. I’ve followed all that she does since I was a teen, her new youtube channel – Courtney Love Official – is no […]

Mar, 17

Cute Posi Wearables To Keep You Inspired All Day

I believe in magic. I believe in positivity. I believe in wearing little positive magical reminders daily, kind of like wearable affirmations. Pretty much all of my jewellery/accessories I adorn myself with have been given […]

Dec, 09

Not Just A Boy’s Club: Replica, Portside, TrashAxis & future primitive

Lately, I’ve been seeking out female-fronted hardcore punk bands. I often get told how punk/hc is a “boy’s club” and there isn’t a whole lot of female involvement in the community—I call bullshit. There are […]

Dec, 06

They Say I’m Different

I’ve always been an early riser. I usually get up around 4-5am. To me, sleeping-in is waking up at 8am! If I’m not up and getting into my day by that time, I feel behind. […]

Nov, 29

Zine and Independent Comic Symposium 2013 Round Up

Last weekend was the very first, Zine and Independent Comic Symposium (ZICS) in Brisbane, Australia at The Edge. It was a 3-day event that provided a forum for independent publishers to get together, meet one […]

Sep, 08

I’ve Missed Y’all

As winter is drawing to a close in the southern hemisphere (where I’m at) and the weather is warming up as we get ready to embrace spring, I am filled with so much joy. I […]

Aug, 28

Conversations With Bianca on Tumblr

Hi friends! It’s been a little since I’ve posted on CWB, apologies! I’ve missed y’all! What’s everyone been up to? I have so much to tell you, there’s lots of exciting projects in the works […]

Aug, 02


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