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Hip Hop Artists On Vegetarianism & Veganism: KRS-One, The Roots, Sage Francis, Chuck D, K-OS + more!

I had such an amazing response to the Punks On Vegetarianism & Veganism feature I posted last week! Thank you to everyone that took the time to read it, comment on it, sent me an […]

Mar, 02

Morbski: Hip Hop Inspiring Betterment

Today’s Insight: Hip hop is a quest to me. Hip hop has always been a source of betterment for me, if that makes any sense? I’ve had a lot of hard times in this life, […]

Nov, 08

Apakalypse: Truth, Big Dreams, Hard Work & Legacy

Today’s Hip Hop Insight: “Personally, I don’t like it [mainstream hip hop] and I can’t listen to it all. I can’t stand it but I do have to give respect to the artists that are […]

Oct, 25

Atma: Cultivating A Deeper Connection

US hip hop artist Atma is one of my favourite emcees. I find his pursuit of self, spiritual and ancient knowledge as well as quest for cultivation of peace within inspiring. He believes in and […]

Oct, 22

A Conversation on Def Jam with Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin

I spent this morning watching a live stream of a conversation with Def Jam Recordings founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin presented by the New York Public Library and facilitated by Paul Holdengraber the library’s […]

Oct, 15

Hip Hop Insight #3

Pharrell by Guerillalove “I’ve come to believe that nothing’s impossible if you can imagine it. There’s nothing new under the sun. When you’re moved, you’re moved, and you should seize the moment to express the […]

Mar, 16

Hip Hop Insight #2

MC Zumbi, Zion I by Arian Stevens/Greenwood Images “Spirituality to me is the everyday practice of realising, reaffirming and getting in touch with why we’re on the planet, why we exist and what we’re supposed […]

Feb, 02


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