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Blondie’s Gary Lachman on Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality

Musician (he was the founding bassist for Blondie, toured with Iggy Pop, worked with X-Ray Spex’s Lora Logic and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and author, Gary Lachman’s work fascinates […]

Sep, 26

Japanther’s Ian Vanek: “I don’t make art to be popular or seen, I make it because my hands have to, otherwise I’ll extinguish my own life”

Do you create art every day? Certainly, I finished a painting this morning. I was working on a song very late last night and I mixed it this morning. I create something every day because […]

Feb, 20

Press: A Conversation With Bianca

Recently I was cleaning up my desktop and came across this interview I did for an independent publication from my hometown, QPunx magazine. I’m not sure if it ever ended up being printed? I’m not […]

Feb, 15

Keith Morris: The Creator

One of the first punk rock vocalists I ever heard was Keith Morris. My brother gave me Circle Jerks’ Group Sex on vinyl when I was a teen, it was one of the records that […]

Dec, 08

Australian Zine Maker of the Year + Best Zine Produced in Australia

On the weekend as part of Australia’s leading independent arts festival This Is Not Art – which “is a supercharged convergence of writers, performers, thinkers, independent and industry musicians, creative researchers, electronic artists, dilettantes, and […]

Oct, 03


Michael Iafrate of Rock & Theology blog recently chatted to me about Converstaions With Punx. Iafrate is currently working on essays, and a short book, on punk rock and religion. He was thrilled to discover […]

Oct, 20


Hollie & the crew at RENEGADES EMPIRE—an independent Australian punk publication—were kind enough to feature me chatting about Conversations With Punx. The issue also features The Ramshackle Army, Manic Pistoleros, The Meaniacs, This Is Not […]

Oct, 04


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