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Convos with Punx

Mark Unseen chats the Paranormal, Ouija & Freaky Things.

I’ve known Mark Unseen for over a decade, I first interviewed him for an old zine I used to do and we’ve keep in touch ever since. He’s yelled, and still yells, for punk bands […]

Aug, 13

Death By Stereo’s Efrem Schulz: “The whole idea of punk rock was to believe in yourself…”

It’s no secret that Death By Stereo is one of my all-time favourite punk bands. DBS’s Efrem is one of the nicest, raddest dudes I know. As well as being frontman for DBS, he co-owns […]

Aug, 10

Exene Cervenka: “People let life get to them too much and they get beaten down by it.”

I’ve always been a massive fan of X! X’s Los Angeles record is one of my all-time favourite punk albums. Exene’s vocals entwined with John Doe harmonies; the offbeat reckless, yet pretty, unusual sound and […]

Aug, 09

Bad Brains’ Dr. Know: “I follow the heart and look at the signs”

Bad Brains are one of the most important bands in hardcore punk—the fastest, greatest, innovative and one of the most inspirational; inspiring everyone from Cro-Mags’ John Joseph (who roadie for them), Ian MacKaye, H20, and […]

Jun, 20

Good Riddance’s Russ Rankin on “becoming less self-centred and more other-centred”.

I first met Russ Rankin, frontman for punk band, Good Riddance, when they toured Australia in the ‘90s supporting Sick Of It All. We chatted for one of the earliest zines I ever made (and […]

Jun, 12

Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret: “I feel I speak for those that are oppressed…”

My chat with, Roger Miret, the frotman of one of my all-time favourite hardcore punk bands, Agnostic Front, is one of the ones out of a 100+ interviews, for my Conversations With Punx project (more […]

Jun, 03

Quicksand’s Tom Capone: “We were always just doing it from our hearts, never trying to make a quick buck.”

Tom Capone is one of my favourite guitarists! He’s played in some of the greatest New York hardcore and post-hardcore bands: Quicksand, Bold, Handsome, Shelter, Beyond… I interviewed him for my punk and spirituality project, […]

May, 23


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