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Sound Colour Vibration Editor-in-Chief Erik Otis: Music Journalism, Interviewing & Print Magazines

Sound Colour Vibration (SCV) is one of my favourite destinations online. Like me, co-founder/Editor-in-Chief Erik Otis and his writers believe in insightful, thoughtful, in-depth long form interviews with the artists the site celebrates—a whole cross […]

Aug, 16

Amped+Dangerous: An Obsession of Music, Fashion & Culture

I came across Kasturi’s blog Amped+Dangerous a little while back via another one of my favourite blogs chase.dakota. Kasturi’s enthusiasm is infectious—she is genuinely excited about all she shares including fabulous DIY tutorials and fashion […]

Jul, 29

The Fabulous La Carmina: Adventurer, Alt. Style Queen, Coolhunter & Philanthropist

La Carmina is truly an inspiration! A self-made woman named as one of the world’s top fashion bloggers. She’s a best-selling author, designer (collaborating with Swarovski + more), travel and pop culture journalist (AOL/Huffington Post), […]

Jan, 31


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