Cakes are one of my favourite bands from my city (Gold Coast) they’re a post-punk noisecore math-rock-ish duo with major riffage—or simply two blokes (Sam & Jake), three amps, one kit! Their first EP Prescription Bugs has just been released on indie UK label, Muzai. They love bands such as Drive Like Jehu, Queens of the Stone Age, Cosmic Psychos and Fudge Tunnel. Cakes play The Shark Bar in Miami with New Zealand’s Die! Die! Die! this weekend (Sun Feb 11). See you there!

What kind of stuff inspires your music?

CAKES: Both of us listen to A LOT of music from a bunch of styles and time periods. We’re regularly sending music to each other or talking about music. We probably dissect things too much sometimes but that’s okay because it’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off about how a song was made or what production technique was used or what that crazy foil gargling synth sound is. It’s always 90% of the conversation.

The music we write lets us escape from the real world, even just for an hour or two. We jam and jam for hours and then we come out and it feels like we can’t even talk for a bit. It’s pretty funny. We don’t dissect our own music because if we did we’d get bored playing it. The music is whatever we feel after a day at work, a day baking cakes, a day in the surf, a day playing tennis or a day calling insurance companies. It all translates from the mood we are both in. We don’t restrict ourselves to fit a sound but restrict ourselves to making some very solid songs.

What can you tell me about each band member?

CAKES: During the week, Jake is a primary school teacher, a cat obsessed gamer by night and records, mixes and plays shows in between. During the week, Sam is a Pool boy. When not pooling, he’s writing tracks, makin’ visuals or wearing his baggy green around the house, for his cats.

Tell us a bit about the music community where you’re at.

CAKES: The Gold Coast has a surprising amount of talented bands that don’t boast about themselves. They lie low and we respect that. We really dig Tesla Coils, Draggs and Electric Zebra because they are true to what they are setting out to do and they are all really nice dudes. There aren’t a lot of places to play heavy music or music that is “alternative” but there’s pockets here and there such as Elsewhere and new creative space, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. Brisbane is our second home. There can be a lot going on at the one time with a bazillion venues and a bazillion bands and it’s a struggle to get people to your show but sometimes it’s the perfect place to play a show or see a dope band. You really have to fluke the right date and the right weather and it can be the best show you’ve ever played.

Tell us about a memorable Cakes experience.

CAKES: There’s a few and it’s always when we are driving from the Gold Coat to Brisbane to play a show. A memorable time would be when we were listening to “Bleed” by Meshuggah and this convoy of about 8 trucks with dope art started overtaking us on the motorway and we were just cracking up with this Meshuggah soundtrack behind it. Now whenever we see something truly worthy, we crank just the first minute of “Bleed” and go for it and then switch back to some 80’s retro synth pop to simmer down and balance ourselves out.

What’s something the band is really passionate about?

CAKES: We are really passionate about being a jack of all trades when it comes to music. We do everything ourselves, from recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, press photos, film clips, live videos. It feels really good to be the one steering everything and having to rely on ourselves to get a job done. It’s a DIY attitude but we are both pretty big perfectionists and don’t believe in half arsing things just because it’s free or because we don’t have $10,000 studios. We make the best with what we have. It also saves money and means we are always challenging ourselves to get a mix right or a clip right and we are getting better and faster at doing it.

What’s next for Cakes?

CAKES: We will also continue shooting more live videos and we will retire when we play a live set on KEXP haha.

GET Cakes’ EP here at MUZAI RECORDS. For more CAKES check out:

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