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I’ve known Mark Unseen for over a decade, I first interviewed him for an old zine I used to do and we’ve keep in touch ever since. He’s yelled, and still yells, for punk bands including, The Unseen, Tenebrae, Ashers, Self-Destruct and A Global Threat. Mark digs cats, Danzig, vodka, pizza, The Twilight Zone, Forensic Files and horror flicks… oh yeah, he cuts a mean rug on the dance floor too! Haha… We did this interview I’m giving you a sneak peek of for my Conversations With Punx book (more details here). We talked for a few hours about all the freaky things that has happened to him in his life, he certainly attracts the weird and unexplainable.

MARK UNSEEN: The craziest thing that ever happened to me is . . . hmmm, where do I start? My mom was dating this guy for a couple of years—there’s a song about him on our second album called “Dead & Gone”. He was a drunk and was mostly mentally abusive to my mom and little brothers and sisters and at times a little bit physically abusive—I never witnessed that though. I used to tell her, get the fuck away from this guy, he is a loser; he’s no good, he treats you like shit. He leeches off you! Eventually she finally broke up with him. Three or four weeks later he died. He was found dead in a hotel room. They said it was either drug or alcohol related. First off, I never knew where he died. There’s this one hotel five to ten miles from my house and every time I’d drive by I’d be like, that’s where he died. I’ve never found out if it’s true, but every time I go passed there I get a feeling that, that’s where he died. A year or so after he died I was playing with a Ouija board with friends—I was playing with, A Global Threat, at the time—these guys didn’t know anything about my mom’s boyfriend that died. After a few minutes of playing with the board I thought, I think we’re talking to my mom’s dead ex-boyfriend. I didn’t mention it because the other guys didn’t know him. I asked questions that I knew the answers to like, if he had kids, if he went to jail. We played with the board for twenty minutes then it stopped spelling out things for a bit. Then the last thing it said was “M.A.R.K” then went to the letter “C” then spelled out “M.O.M.D.I.E”. So it was: Mark see mom die!

Mark Unseen horror thug

B: Man, that’s too intense. That gives me goose bumps.

MC: That’s the fucking creepiest, insane thing that’s happened. Every hair on my body stood straight up, I had goosebumps. I threw the thing across the room. I was so freaked out. My last name starts with a ‘C’ so I thought was it saying, “Mark C—C for my last name—mom die”. Like my mom is obviously going to die because everyone dies, or was it saying that I’m actually going to see my mother die? It was a weird message to come from this guy because of the relationship I had with him, the fact that I’d written a song about him being happy he died because he’s a loser… maybe he meant it in a non-malicious way; maybe he was just telling me. Either way it was weird. It was definitely not done by anyone that was there, like it wasn’t like someone had said, let’s just fuck with him!

B: What else weird has happened to you?

MC: Another thing was, I was in a hotel room in California about four or five years ago—we were on tour with The Forgotten. We played a place called San Luis Obispo and we were driving back from Los Angeles on the last night of tour. Me and my girlfriend were in a car, it was a seven hour drive, we stopped in the middle of nowhere at this hotel near a mountain. We checked in and went to bed. I woke up about three hours later, I opened my eyes and the room was completely foggy. It looked like the fog scenes in the old Universal Monsters Wolfman movies. It wasn’t scary at all though. I said to my girlfriend, are you awake? She’s like, “Ah, yeah”. I asked her if I was imagining things or if I was dreaming. She goes, “Yep it’s definitely foggy in here”. Then that was about it, we didn’t say anything else. I laid there for a few minutes then I got up: the windows were closed. There was no way there could be fog in our hotel room. I opened the widow and it was not foggy at all outside. It just made no sense. I knew it was real though because two people experienced it.


My other hotel story is, I was in England and we were on tour with Dropkick Murphy’s and Tiger Army. We stayed at this hotel chain called, Formule One. The hotel had bunk beds. A bunch of us went out to a bar; I got bored and decided to head back to the hotel room. I went back, laid down and started to watch the TV. I fell asleep with the lights on. I wake up an hour later to the bed shaking. I thought it might be an earthquake or something. I opened my eyes and the bed was still moving. I realised nothing else in the room was moving. At first I thought maybe someone was on the top bunk jerking off [laughs]. I thought maybe I’d been asleep for a long time and one of the other guys had come back here and were just pulling their dick. There was nobody in the room though. I sat up on the bottom bunk and I couldn’t see what was above me. I looked and there was nothing there. I got freaked out and started pacing the room. I was like, I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. I’m not drunk. What the fuck just happened? I went and sat in the hallway until everyone else came back to the room. I didn’t tell anyone. I was just like, hey, what’s up? They were like, “Why are you sitting in the hall?” I was like, I don’t know [laughs].

Read more about Mark’s spooky adventures in Conversations With Punx. Coming soon!

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