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Bad Brains are one of the most important bands in hardcore punk—the fastest, greatest, innovative and one of the most inspirational; inspiring everyone from Cro-Mags’ John Joseph (who roadie for them), Ian MacKaye, H20, and well, pretty much everyone I know who loves hc punk! They introduced the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) ethos to the community, which is a huge guiding force in my life (it costs nothing to be positive, but the rewards are priceless). Over the years I’ve interviewed frontman HR, bassist Daryl Jenifer and guitarist Dr. Know aka Gary Miller, below is a sneak peek at my chat with Dr. Know for my book that explores punk, spirituality, creativity and life.

DR. KNOW: The truth is right there all the time. The scriptures tell you that. It’s always there. That’s what I’m telling to you. Everybody want to go off on tangents and this and that. I follow the heart and look at the signs. Like I said, it’s going to be over soon. We all in the revelation. My perception is that most people are just trying to be happy… In the revelation these things are just going to happen. It’s all been written. That’s how I roll. Everybody wishes for this perfect world. It’ll be done soon. Rejoice.

…Everybody should strive and want to have a perfect world, but it’s not going to be a perfect world now. This earth that we live in is destroyed; it cannot heal itself. That’s what the revelation talks about. Go back, check the revelation. The trumpets have sounded, the chariots of fire, this shit is all now, we are living in that. You got to rejoice in the things the Father said ‘cause they happening. That’s the proof, overstand! You got to know what you be dealing with, you talking to people about spirituality and consciousness and all.

Bad Brains photo by Atiba Jefferson

I just got to cut to the chase. Everybody, whatever you dealing with, everybody know we ain’t going to be here much longer in this world how it is. We have technology, all the stuff with cloning, there’s no . . . first of all and foremost, Mother Earth—the water, the air, this is what we survive on; that shit’s over. There’s no re-cleaning that up.

Besides P.M.A there’s this spiritual attitude, know what’s happening right now in the world we live in. …Everybody know. You know. The Father instils that in everybody. We living it so it’s really relevant right now. It’s like, shit, first of all just go back a hundred years; we living in America, it’s not America, this Babylon. A hundred years when the English boys come over here and have the slave thing—you got to check all the whole things. A hundred years, the industrial revolution, the whole world has changed, global warming, pollution, it’s over, corrupted the whole fucking world in a hundred years. Let’s be real about that! That’s the real thing that I am saying.

You can read the full interview in my book out Nov. 20 (more info here).

PMA all day!

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Images: collage by me; original photo by my dear friend Sunanda; BB group shot by Atiba Jefferson.


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