Samsaya - Beginning at The End + conversations with bianca

A dream came true for me recently when I had the opportunity to work with one of my favourite musicians and pop stars, SAMSAYA! I’d actually secretly been manifesting it since I first met her (the power of manifestation works y’all). If you’re not familiar with Samsaya, FYI… Rolling Stone magazine has said she’s one to watch: “the softer side of Santigold, the poppier offerings of M.I.A., the inspirational slogans of Nelly Furtado” while The New York Times noted her live show has “cheerleader energy somewhere between peak No Doubt and Lady Gaga”.

We first connected when I interviewed her for Rookie last July and since then we’ve become good friends. Our hearts are very much in the same place—a strong desire and drive to constantly create and help people via what we create.

Samsaya - Beginning at The End lyrics

When I received an email from her a month ago, telling me about her new single coming out, Beginning At The End, I was super excited for her. I get excited and feel happy for her A LOT, as a friend should when their loved one achieves goals and is realising dreams (no competitiveness or envy or FOMO here, as some people unfortunately feel when others achieve and do rad shit… I’m a one women cheer squad for my friends!); I know how hard she’s worked, continues to work and what a long road it’s been for her. I’m ALWAYS impressed by people that dedicate themselves to their dreams. I was floored when she asked if I’d do the art for her single. She said she wanted something personal and strong (words I’d use to describe the song).

I actually cried a little, I was so overwhelmed that someone, who as a person, and whose work, I love, respect & admire, asked me to make art to complement their art. It’s a big deal for me! I’ve always made art and I’ve always made art in the style I do, that’s just what comes out BUT it’s only in the last year or so I’ve felt brave enough to share it with the rest of the world. Since I have, so many wonderful things have happened (I’ll post more about that soon). I spoke with my friend Ian from Japanther a few months back about art, being an artist and why it took me so long to share my art. I’m happy I did!

samsaya heartwork

If you’ve been putting off something that you’ve wanted to do forever, I’d totally recommend just jumping in and doing it. At least give it a try. I bet you’ll find that your fears are unfounded, I know that’s been the case for me. We can be our own worst critic. I think sometimes we psych ourselves out before we give ourselves a chance. When I started to share my stuff, it felt so good, it got me thinking why I hadn’t done it sooner.

Beginning At the End dropped at the start of this week. You can get it on: iTunes, Spotify & wimp. Here’s a stripped down live version of the song:

May you see your day through HEARTVISION!

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Photos: 1) Beginning at the End art by me; 2) Samsaya’s handwritten lyrics for BATE; 3) the art on her laptop; 4) the art making an appearance on stage when S played like at the 2015 Vid Awards in Oslo!