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Hello! How are you all? I’ve missed you. It’s been quite a while since I have regularly updated CWB. Sorry guys. There’s been a few big things that have happened in my world that has contributed to this.

Firstly, the biggest life change and challenge I have ever had to deal with, the passing of my beloved mother, Rosemarie. Tomorrow will mark eight months since she’s been gone. I miss her every second of every day and her passing is something I am still doing my best to process. We were best friends so it has been incredibly hard for me. I spent pretty much every single day with her for 30 years! It’s a weird feeling to not physically have that person here anymore, it’s left a great big void in my world. My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 15+ years ago and in that time I watched her slowly decline, which in itself is heartbreaking. The last week of her life was HARD. I have so many mixed feelings about it, each day I’ve just been trying to keep on keeping on and to do my best. I figured the best way to celebrate her life is to live a big full life worth celebrating myself. All of the things I deeply care about like music, art, culture and supporting (especially women in) the arts are passions I developed from my mum. Of course, some days are harder than others though.

love you mama

The other big factor in my being AWOL from regular updates is my health. Almost a year ago I got REALLY sick. The sickest I have ever been. I had two hospital ER visits and have had A LOT of tests, GP and specialist visits trying to work out what’s wrong. We have some answers but there’s other things that they just can’t explain. After all the negative experiences I’ve had this year with medical “professionals” I have no faith in traditional medicine and doctors. The only thing I have found helpful in making me any better at all is visiting my holistic healer, healthy eating, yoga and meditation. These things might not necessarily be for everyone but for me they’re working. They have helped me get to the point now where I feel well enough to get back into my work here. In the last several months I’ve done the bulk of work from my other office a.k.a. my bed. It’s nice to feel well again and be able to go out and see live music lately without having the feeling of, and anxiety that comes with, being ill and out in the world.

healing + conversations with bianca

While I haven’t been updating CWB as much, I’ve been able to work on a few very special projects here and there when my health has permitted, which I will share with you and fill you in on in the coming days and weeks here. To give you a little idea of what I’ve been up to and what’s coming: I’ve been interviewing women in the Australian music community for a project I’m doing in collaboration with my good friend Luke Henery (from Violent Soho; he’s been taking the most epic intimate portraits of the women!). I put together a 10-page feature on the project for an arts and culture mag I’m a staff writer at. I made art for a new single for one of my favourite musicians. I was featured in a collaboration with Converse shoes! The wonderful illustrator, Rose from Dead End Design (she’s also in the band, The Snatchettes) drew a portrait of me to include in a zine project celebrating women in punk and hardcore. Plus more!

CJ Ramone + Dan Root + Steve Soto live + conversations with bianca

There’s A LOT to catch up on. Thanks to everyone that’s stuck around and that still comes to visit the site AND welcome to all the new friends… we’re all friends here—ONLY good posi vibes allowed. It’s time to get the show back on the road again! It feels good to be back.

With love & gratitude,

I heart you

Photos by me: 1) self-portrait, new blue hair!; 2) miss you Mama Rose; 3) @ the temple of healing; 4) CJ Ramone live on stage with Steve Soto & Dan Root of the Adolescents. For more images from my world, let’s be IG friends: @conversationswithbianca