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It’s time for the second instalment of READ MORE ZINES – a round up of all the neat zines I’ve found lately. As always, if you know of any rad zines or if you make one yourself get in touch. One can never have enough zines! I know because I’ve been collecting them for almost two decades, have a whole garage full yet, still search high and low for the best out there. I love going to a zine fair scouring the tables for awesome or getting a fun package in the mail chock full of photocopied goodness, zine folk are so creative. Zines forever!

Twin Peaks zine

Twin Peaks zine + Laura

Twin Peaks

I loved the TV show Twin Peaks. I was in high school when it aired. I vividly remember a girl bringing the book, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (that was a companion piece to the show; I still treasure my dog-eared copy!) to school and at lunchtime all the girls gathered around her as she read the juicy bits from it about masturbation and Laura’s sexual escapades. This A5 zine features illustrations and nerdy facts of 9 of the shows characters, plus other fun stuff. If you’re a TP fan you’ll totally enjoy it.

GET Twin Peaks zine.

Jurassic Dark zine

jurassic dark poetry zine

Jurassic Dark

Jurassic Park is a favourite film andI love the book too, I’m a sucker for dinosaurs! This zine contains poems written using the blackout poetry method. The foundation of the zine – before bits are blacked out – is a paperback copy of Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton, and that the zine author purchased at a thrift store in Oakland, SF for 50 cents. Each zine comes with a unique, unedited page from Jurassic Park, so you can create your own Jurassic Dark poem too! It’s a very clever zine. I love when people make something new out of something old.

GET Jurassic Dark.

Not Yr Gay BFF zine

Not Yr Gay BFF

I found this zine super interesting! The author describes it best: Not Yr Gay BFF is a personal narrative about growing up queer in the punk and hardcore scene. It is about straight boy crushes and tender queer moments. It is about coming to terms with your marginalization but also your revolutionary potential as a militantly visible queer person of color. This is a zine for all the weirdos and faggots and queers who stand in the corner at seedy gay clubs expecting something more. For kids who would rather go to punk shows than spend all their money on trendy clothes to help them get laid. For having our identities split in multiple—often painful—ways.

GET Not Yr Gay BFF.

Not Straight Not White Not Male


Not Straight. Not White. Not Male.

The title of this zine sets the tone and themes explored in this excellent zine. It’s written by a Vietnamese, female, (in her words) “hella gay”, vegan, straightedge, non-pacifist, intersectional-feminist. It’s a personal zine written from her perspective. Here’s the intro note:

I wrote this zine because there is a lack of media that I can really, truly relate to. It is glaringly obvious that this radical scene is comprised mostly of heteros, of whites, and of males. I am Asian, I am hella gay, and I am female.

Disclaimer: I wrote this for me a lot more than I wrote it for you. There is a lack of solution offering, and at the same time a lot rambling, because it is cathartic for me. It is highly anecdotal; I write from experience. Don’t assume that my aim is to educate ignorant fucks. It is not my job to cry and bleed so that they can fucking evolve.

Always for the greater gay,

GET Not Straight. Not White. Not Male. zine. Rosi also makes and sells cute badges (featured above).

Witchy Kisses zine

Witchy Kisses: Writing Your Own Spells!

Micro zines are the cutest…oh so tiny! This darling zine is for anyone looking to delve into the world of witchcraft – or for seasoned & professional black pointy hat-wearing lovelies! Witchy Kisses, is the first in a series of 13 tutorials that takes you through the steps of writing your own spells. WK is a chance to learn to write your own specific & unique spell for the 21st century! It’s held together with cute pink staples. DIY Witchery fun.

GET Witchy Kisses zine.

Manifesting Magic zine

Pixie feminist stickers

Manifesting Magic

I’m a big believer in magic, there’s things in this world that happen that you just can’t explain. I like to think its magic, the great unseen. Manifesting Magic is a 24 page black and white zine full of illustrations about dreams, creating, and making your own magic. It’s inspired by the world of stones, rituals and tarot cards. It promotes the idea of doing what you want. I believe you make your own magic, this zine just might guide you in doing it. It comes in a cello bag with glitter and sprinkles for extra magic—more magic all the time I say.

GET Manifesting Magic zine. You can also get cute feminist heart stickers (featured above) from the creator of MM.

BoO zine

Band of Outsiders Zine

Band of Outsiders

BoO is a zine after my own heart that celebrates DIY music/art. It’s from Los Angeles. Each issue includes DIY tutorials, poetry, vegan recipes, activities, recommendations, essays, and political commentary, and music/artist interviews. Issue #11 features good reads like: The Grand Idealism of John Hughes and Why I Prefer the Anti-Teen Films of the 80’s; Stand Up and Fight Back: Anarchists Against Animal Abuse; Brief Notes on Anarchism: Grieve infinie, infinie solidarite: A report on the ongoing student general strike taking place in Quebec; a DIY Tutorial: Herb Garden and more. One of my favourites I’ve found of late.

GET Band of Outsiders zine.

Stylish Pets zine

Stylish Pets!

I think dogs and cats are way better than people most of the time, this mini art zine has them looking stylish and dapper. It’s cute, it’s fun, it makes me smile.

GET Stylish Pets zine.

Scene Mean 2 - Zine Comic By Mel Stringer

Whatever - Zine + Comic By Mel Stringer

Scene Mean 2 + Whatever

Mel Stringer’s art is great. I’ve been a fan for a while now. Scene Mean 2 and Whatever are comic zines made by Mel. Scene Mean features observatory drawings of fashion folk doing normal things and Whatever features drawings of girls saying things and doing things. “Fro yo, fashion, attitude, sass, girl power.”

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Tell me about zines you’ve been loving!!

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*All zine images sourced from creator’s etsy store. Image 1  – READ MORE ZINES tote by Memo Illustration. GET it here.