Female Artist Brooches

I believe in magic. I believe in positivity. I believe in wearing little positive magical reminders daily, kind of like wearable affirmations. Pretty much all of my jewellery/accessories I adorn myself with have been given to me by really special people in my life that mean the world to me. When I wear them they remind me of the person who gave it to me and because all my friends are super awesome and do incredible things, I’m reminded of their greatness and it inspires me to be great. In a way, it’s reminiscent of people throughout history wearing amulets for luck, protection and the like. I remember reading an interview with Kathleen Hanna over at JaneXO where she mentioned: “My special thing is my road runner necklace, that my husband bought me. On E-bay. For like $12. It’s just to remind me to keep going. It’s like a little post-it note, “Keep Going! Don’t Stop!” Sometimes it’s these little physical reminders we wear like that, that can give us a little boost when things seem gloomy—that’s what makes them magical.

Here are some fun pieces you could add to your PMA arsenal or why not give a little encouragement to one of your BFFs! How adorable are the cute brooches above (?!) featuring some of my favourite inspirational ladies! You can pick one up here.

PMA ring

 You’ll have PMA all day when you rock this ring – GET

DIY or Die necklace

Don’t rely on others, do-it-yourself…DIY or die man ha ha – GET

stay True earrings

Stay true to you, don’t be swayed in your beliefs, you’re f-ing stronger than you think – GET these cute earrings

Awesome Time

It’s Awesome Time all the time with these earrings – GET

Double Happiness heart Earrings

I’m loving these double happiness earrings! – GET

believe necklace

A little cheesy I know, but sometimes you just gotta believe in you, even when the whole world doubts you – GET

love necklace

Do everything with love (that’s the secret to living a great life right there! ha ha) – GET

dreamer by YUMYUMSMILE

Dreaming is the first step to achieving. You gotta know what you want before you can get it – GET

good vibes bracelet

Good vibes for you – GET

Stay Gold

Just like Pony Boy you gotta… Stay Gold! – GET

Bikini Kill Bow

Rockin’ a cute bow celebrating your fav. band will give you the power to rule as much as they do – GET

Have a magical day!

I heart you