Vali Myers tote
I love going record shopping, especially with my dude. It’s so much fun digging through the crates looking for treasure whether it be at a record fair, the weekend markets, car boot sales, in a thrift store, yard sale etc. I’ll go anywhere for a chance to dig. I think my friend Nathan (from Riot Act Media!) described the feeling of shopping for records best when he explained it like this:

It’s a mix of excitement and fear that generally plays out like this:

“Oh fuck, oh shit… No way! I think it’s the original!”

[at this point, my stomach drops because I know what’s next.]

“I wonder if they know what they have here?”

[then I tentatively turn the record over to look at the price]

“Shit, they do! Gahh… do I need it?! Just buying this one record blows my budget and I already have three in my stack that I want to buy.”

[then I hate myself and walk around the store for another 20 minutes before inevitably buying it]

That’s some truth right there ha, ha! READ more about Nathan’s record collecting adventures here.

Over many years of record shopping, I’ve found it handy to take with me a good sized tote bag (and to wear comfortable shoes). I recently bought myself a Half Moons Tote created by my friend Heather Gabel as an early Christmas present for myself. It inspired me to check out what other totes were out there. Thought I’d share with you some of the raddest ones I’ve found (pictured above Vali Myers tote – GET):

Ode to Gwen Stefani tote

Ode to Gwen Stefani tote – GET

Ouija tote bag

Ouija tote – GET

Debbie Harry tote bag by Tracie Andrews

Debbie Harry tote – GET

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead tote by Tracie Andrews

Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) tote – GET

THE CRAMPS 'Bad Music for Bad People' tote bag

The Cramps tote – GET

ERYKAH BADU- Upcycled Rock Band T-shirt Sling Tote Bag

Erykah Badu tote – GET

Julie Ruin tote

The Julie Ruin tote – GET

A Clockwork Orange - ALEX Tote Bag

A Clockwork Orange tote – GET

KRS one tote

KRS-One tote – GET

BEYONCE- Why Don't You Love Me Pop Art Tote Bag

Beyoncé tote – GET

Happy digging!

I heart you



PS – I featured 11 totes…because there’s seriously so many great ones out there…this list could go on and on.