dreaming with Romance Was Born

I’ve always been an early riser. I usually get up around 4-5am. To me, sleeping-in is waking up at 8am! If I’m not up and getting into my day by that time, I feel behind. I love greeting the day sitting on our front deck with tea and a notebook scribbling my thoughts and dreams across the pages while watching the world wake; the sun rise over the rooftops, flowers in the garden opening and hearing the birds sing their morning song. I’m lucky I live in such a beautiful part of the world—the beach is 15 minutes away and the mountain hinterland is around 20 minutes in the opposite direction. Life really is sweet.

As far as today’s attire goes…it’s a lazy tomboy kinda day (to be honest, most days I’m writing from home it’s that way–comfort is EVERYTHING!).


Prada Minimal Baroque sunnies my Jhonny gifted me for my birthday. My dude is the BEST.

betty tee luna spell quartz

A homemade Betty Davis tee + my LUNA Spell Double Quartz necklace from Miss Audrey Kitching’s Crystal Cactus.

rainbow bracelets

Glitter rainbow bracelets from my niece, Leasha. It’s the pieces that my nearest and dearest gift me that mean the most to me.

wedding cactus

The cactus that lives on our deck that me and J got as a wedding gift earlier this year finally is in bloom for the first time.

tartan sneakers

J’s very well-loved tartan sneakers we picked up for something like $12. I’ve always been a sneakers and boots kinda gal. It’s the best sharing a shoe size AND the fact J’s got kick ass taste.

shine on

It sure is a beautiful day, hope you’ve got something neat planned.

Have a beautiful weekend!

I heart you



*All pics by me; 1st pic – leopard print capris + my magical Romance Was Born notebook.